Our Police Members

This is one of those more ranting posts I mentioned I might feel entitled to make to vent a little. So here we go.

In Victoria, Australia, I believe that a large majority, if not all, of our policing members treat our community with respect, don’t abuse their power, and most importantly, use a correct, and fair amount of force on subjects of arrest.

It shocks me, and makes me sick to the stomach, that our members are called out for, for brutality, after a one off incident involving media releases that shame the police, not giving the full story.

I believe the media is very big on misconstruing information to the public, to create the most enticing story possible. As unfortunate as it is, stories are seen in dollar symbols…the bigger the audience, the wider opportunity for them to make money, or more importantly compete with other media outlets.

Its a shame that people are very quick to get on the ‘police brutality’ bandwagon, with limited amount of information, yet are the first to call them out for slow response, or even just genuinely when they need help.

Police members go to a job – their place of employment, to make a living, and help their community. It makes it difficult for them to be sympathetic of law breakers when they’re constantly interacted with by people that are intoxicated, violent or just outright disrespectful to, and of them.

I also find it quite disgusting that police be called out for excessive force, or abuse of power, without knowing the entire story. Was the person intoxicated? Did the person threaten them? Were they giving police a mouthful? Were they known offenders to police? Did they have a record? Was a welfare check more than that?

While police should, and are expected to hold the upmost professionalism at all times, I think it’s important that they be given fair chance. I think any situation needs to be thoroughly looked at, bias free, without name calling, or bickering between supporters and those that aren’t.

I guess the main message I’m trying to get across, is to be open minded, and seek as much information as possible prior to agreeing with or not with people before hand.

Come on! Who’s going to come running in an emergency when you dial 000? They’re not all bad, or out to get you!

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